Service and Repairs

bike servicing and repairs


Correct bicycle maintenance is essential for your safety and performance whilst riding.

All Standish stores have a complete bicycle workshop, our qualified bike mechanics repair and service all bicycle brands and models.

When you book your service in advance we can ensure a quick turnaround.

Did you find yourself a bargain “on line” but don’t know how to fit it/them to your bike.

Bring them in when you get the bike serviced.


Services Menu


Standard Service

$79 (+ parts)


Your bike is already pretty good, but it has seen better days and the gears/brakes aren’t working like they once did.


Service includes…

Check and tighten all bolts including cranks

Adjust gears

Lubricate chain and cables

Drive-train wear checked

Tighten brake cables

Adjust brake pads

Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on bike)

Headset checked

Frame wiped down

Tyres inflated


Next Level Service

$179 (+ parts)


Recommended every 6-8 months.

You will have a clean, fully adjusted and ready to roll steed!


Service includes…

Standard Service, plus

Chain/cassette removed and cleaned

Wheels removed and trued

Brake surface cleaned

Drive train degreased

Bike cleaned/washed

Brake pads de-glazed

Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned and re-fitted

Headset removed, cleaned and re-fitted


The Works

Road bikes: $249 (+ parts)

Mountain bikes: $299 (+ parts)


Recommended every 18 months.

Your bike will be stripped bare, with every part cleaned, greased and reinstalled.


Service includes…

Bike stripped to bare frame

All parts degreased, cleaned and lubricated

Hubs re-greased

Headset re-greased

New cables

Bottom Bracket overhauled

Road bikes: Includes bar tape at discounted price

Mountain bikes: Brakes bled (if required), Rotors cleaned and straightened.


Workshop & Services Menu Breakdown

All prices listed below are a guide only. If the job at hand is simpler or harder than the listed price, it may be changed accordingly. (If a price will be adjusted, this will be discussed prior to the work being commenced)

Brake Type Repairs

  • Brake adjustment (per end) $15.00
  • Brake pad installation(per end) $15.00
  • Brake caliper installation (per end) $15.00
  • Brake caliper (disc) installation (per end) $20.00
  • Brake lever installation $20.00
  • Brake bleed hydraulic (per end) (Inc. fluid) $40.00
  • Brake installation hydraulic (per end, bled if required) $40.00
  • Brake overhaul hydraulic (per end) $60.00
  • Brake cable installation and adjustment (x1) $15.00
  • Brake rotor installation $10.00

Drivetrain Type Repairs

  • Gear cable installation and adjustment (per end) $15.00
  • Chain/cassette installation $20.00
  • Chainring installation:
    • geared chainring $30.00
    • single speed chainring $20.00
  • Crank installation $40.00
  • Derailleur installation or alignment (per end) $30.00
  • Shimano Di2 firmware update $30.00
  • Shifter installation $30.00
  • Shifter overhaul $30.00

    Wheel Type Repairs

  • Tyre/Tube fitting basic $10.00
  • Tyre/Tube fitting complex $20.00
  • Tubeless tyre installation (Inc. sealant, per wheel) $30.00
  • Tyre installation tubular (per wheel) $40.00
  • Wheel installation $20.00
  • Wheel true basic $40.00
  • Wheel true w/broken spoke(s) $50.00
  • Wheel true complex $60.00
  • Wheel building $80.00
  • Hub adjustment $15.00
  • Hub overhaul:
    • loose ball $30.00
    • sealed $40.00
  • Hub overhaul coaster brake $40.00
  • Hub overhaul internal gears $50.00

    Frame/Fork Type Repairs

  • Bottom Bracket adjustment $15.00
  • Bottom Bracket installation $30.00
  • Bottom Bracket overhaul $30.00
  • Crown race or Star nut installation $10.00
  • Headset adjustment $15.00
  • Headset overhaul $30.00
  • Headset or Fork installation $50.00
  • Remove/reassemble Fork/Shock for shipping $40.00
  • Rear Shock installation $30.00

    Accessory Type Services

  • Accessory installation basic $10.00
  • Aerobar installation:
    • clip on $20.00
    • integrated(gears/brakes) $80.00
  • Baby seat or rack installation $30.00
  • Bar tape installation $20.00
  • Bar ends installation $10.00
  • Computer installation $20.00
  • Handgrips installation $10.00
  • Stem installation $15.00

    Other Repairs and Services

  • Insurance quote
  •            (refundable from purchase price if we are successful) $30.00
  • Bike Build:
    • basic bike build (kids/single speed*) $50.00
    • Complex build (bike only) $90.00
    • Complex build (bike w/attachments) $100.00+
  • Box Bike for shipping:
    • kids/basic adult $50.00
    • road bikes $60.00
    • dual suspension $90.00
  • Frame swap:
    • basic $100.00+
    • complex $190.00+
  • Express turnaround $25.00***Not including Supermarket bikes – see instore for a quote**Each circumstance is different, this service may not be available at all stores

Workshop and Services Menu Ts&Cs


It is really important that you drop-off and collect your bike within 2-3 days before/after your service date.

(A storage fee of $15 per week may apply to bikes not collected within this time frame.)

If you have an emergency/race event and need your bike repaired on the spot, you can bring your bike instore at any time, but this will attract an extra charge (pre-booking is recommend to avoid additional charges).