Abus TresorFlex 6615C Steel-O-Flex 85cm


Part Number: 13657-3.
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  • The lightest in the Steel-O-Flex family, the Tresor 6615C features 15mm overlapping steel shells that protect the inner steel cable.
  • This lock is best suited to low theft risk areas and is best used as a versatile theft deterrent and for quick stops.
  • The ABUS 2k Combination Dial is made of two distinct materials – the numbers arent simply painted on – so your combination digits will never rub off and you’ll have a lifetime of readability.
  • The lock is PVC-coated with an attractive matte finish that protects your frames paint.
  • Innovative SCMU bracket makes mounting and transport a snap.
  • Length: 85cm Diameter: 15mm Weight: 705g
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